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Return Process
All the products listed on the website of koski have the supplier name and product model, please check the product model and supplier information carefully before placing an order. If the wrong model is due to its own reasons, Keski Electronics will not accept the return or exchange requirements. After the customer successfully place the order, koski electronics will purchase directly from the supplier specified by the customer in accordance with the order requirements. If necessary, users can request customer service personnel to provide the original certificates and information related to the purchase order.
After-sales service acceptance conditions
1. Customers who need to return or replace the goods due to the wrong quantity, type or quality problem of the goods received can apply for return or replacement within two weeks after receiving the goods, overdue application will not be accepted.
2. For return or exchange products, please keep the original package (including outer package and inner filler) intact and ensure the goods label. The goods label is the only evidence for Kesiqi Electronics to coordinate with the supplier for return or exchange.
3. If the customer applies for return due to product quality problems, the customer shall provide the detailed English version performance test report as the basis for negotiation between Keski Electronics and the supplier. If necessary, a third party inspection report in English agreed by both parties shall be provided.
4. Invoice shall be returned to the invoiced order after the return or replacement application is approved.
After-sale service is not accepted
1. After-sales service is not accepted
2. The original package of the product and the label of the goods are damaged and missing.
3. Products that have been used/tested on the machine.
4. The receipt time is more than two weeks (subject to the date of express receipt).
5. Invoice issued is lost.
6. Misorder due to customer's own reasons.

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