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ShenzhenKesiqiElectronicTechnologyCo., Ltd. has been established in 2007, the company is mainly engaged in semiconductor components (IC and electronic components) product sales, research and development, production, provide inventory management and raw materials, components design and technical service programs;

The company has a part of spot inventory, in Asia, Europe and the United States has a good supply channels, a stable brand of semiconductor suppliers OEM factory relations; The company also especially has a partial unpopular, production, shortage, embargo, military IC supply channels. At present, we have set up purchasing center and import and export center in Hong Kong, and sales center in Shenzhen, China. Kesiqi has a complete product development system, can help customers to provide a wide range of product development solutions and technical support, to provide customers with more value-added technical services, including undertaking programming, product development, product debugging; Provide emergency inventory and logistic support. The comprehensive service will further help and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of customers, improve the business level, reduce the purchase cost of customers, and shorten the supply cycle of materials, so that customers can benefit more.

Shenzhen Koski Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a rapidly developing company, the company in the development of a comprehensive standard business operation process, fully demonstrate Koski in the semiconductor supply industry competitiveness, Koski is a young team, the company has always been adhering to the people-oriented, the first person after work. All employees of the company have received higher education, and the company pays more attention to the development and career planning of employees. During their employment, employees have continuously received diversified internal training. Koski has always believed that great companies are not only about selling products, but also about creating talent and brands. Therefore, Koski has always insisted that only excellent employees, to have the tenacious vitality of the enterprise, to have sustainable and stable customers.Shenzhen Kesiqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. insists on improving product quality management. All of our operating processes are carried out in accordance with ISO 9000 quality management system. We control and guarantee product quality through standardized management process combined with professional technical level. Through our efforts, the business scope has involved: communication, computer peripherals, aerospace, petroleum, industrial control, medical equipment, instrumentation and other fields. We use perfect service and sincere attitude with them to establish a good customer relationship.The enterprise tenet of kesiqi company: loyalty and friendliness, diligence and innovation, customer first, quality first, reasonable price, quick delivery.The goal of koski company: the company will always provide excellent service and product quality, to achieve win-win

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